Jacki V. says:

“I have done multiple challenge groups with Mindy and it is hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my life. Mindy’s group not only brought me back to the basics of nutrition, portion control, and fitness, but it also introduced me to a whole new world of a truly supportive and nurturing group environment. Mindy is a very down-to-earth, real, caring, honest, and very knowledgeable coach! She truly supports you 100% throughout each of her challenges, on your best and on your worst days! Mindy will give you all the tools you need to succeed in your goals!

When you complete one of Mindy’s challenges, you will undoubtedly see results because she will motivate and encourage you on a daily basis! She gives 100% of herself to each of her challengers and it shows! For me, the results have been astounding on a physical and mental level. Over the course of 4 challenges with Mindy, I have shed nearly 20lbs and over 18” total on my body and my physical strength continues to astound me. Personally, my confidence has never been stronger and I have truly rediscovered my love of fitness, health, and the kitchen thanks to Mindy and her challenges.”

Sara J. says:

“I have been a part of Mindy’s challenge groups for 3 months in a row! I cannot say enough how great of an experience this has been!! The encouragement, and positivity have been amazing! I have made new friends, learned about healthy eating, shared new recipes, and have been challenged to push myself in my workouts. Mindy is a top notch coach you truly cares about her clients. Mindy will help build you up, help you reach your goals and will always find the positive in your day! Thank you Mindy for helping me to be the healthiest version of myself!”

Deanna V. says:

“Mindy Court is a wonderful, motivational, supportive and creative coach. I have had the pleasure of being a part of her 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme groups. She is able to combine thoughts for the day, motivational quotes, meal planning and support of the fellow challengers. I loved working with her and would recommend her groups to anyone wanting to try this program out.”