Run Academy 1

Running AcademyYou see the runners out there and wonder how in the world they do it.  Isn’t it painful?  Don’t they get bored?  How do they know what to do?  If this is YOU then I can help you answer those questions and feel much better about becoming a runner yourself.  Yes, YOU CAN BE A RUNNER!


We had a very successful Run Academy in both the summer and early fall seasons!  I am very excited to offer another Run Academy in the Spring of 2017.  As soon as the snow in Wisconsin melts, we are going to pound the pavement.  Check back then for info on my academy!

In the meantime, the Run Academy includes:

-30 day training calendar to follow on your own (local runners may choose to run together so grab a friend!)

-Online accountability group that will be motivating and fun

-1:1 coaching and check ins throughout the 30 days

-Specialized training for the beginner that includes information on:  Proper run form, nutrition, strength training for runners, pre and post- run routine, and equipment.

The goal is for me to teach you about running and how much it can offer you both mentally and physically if you are trained the correct way.  If you have been a runner for some time, you are also welcome to join the academy and brush up on your skills or learn something new!

Again, check back as the winter winds down for info on my spring Run Academy!