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We are in the middleHydration of the winter season and our bodies are showing it. Dry skin, dry lips, dry cuticles, etc. One way to nourish our bodies during this season is to make sure we reach our hydrations goals. The simple formula for this is to figure out half your body weight and drinking at least that many ounces of water each day. You will need to drink more than that if you are exercising on a regular basis. I have collected some tips over the past few years that have definitely helped me to take a more mindful approach to drinking water.

  1. Every time the water bottle touches your lips, take ten gulps of water. You will be done in no time! This is known as the 10 Gulp Rule.
  1. Cut up fruit or herbs and add them to your water infuser bottle for extra taste. I love adding lemon/lime or watermelon chunks and sometimes a mint leaf. Let it sit in your fridge for a few hours while it infuses for maximum taste.
  1. Use a phone app to keep track of how much water you are drinking. There are many to choose from and plenty of free ones! My app is simply called, Water, and is somewhat interactive. Even my children like to use it!
  1. Save cash and calories by only ordering water at restaurants. Refills are free too and you can ask them to add lemon. This definitely helped me get over my addiction to Diet Coke at lunchtime!
  1. Drink 16 ounces of water before you eat to keep you from overeating. It definitely makes a difference when you already feel somewhat full at the start of your meal. Sixteen ounces is the same as a typical dinner glass.


  1. Keep a water bottle on your nightstand so that you can reach for that during the night and first thing when you wake up in the morning. I don’t know about you but I wake up so thirsty and it helps to down a bottle of water before I even get out of bed, especially since I workout in the morning.


  1. Set reminders for yourself. This is something you could use your phone or watch to do. Space out your ounces of water and make sure to finish one glass or bottle by a certain time or you may get dinged!
  1. Keep your water bottle with you as much as possible. Your bottle should be in your purse, in your car, at your desk, by your yoga mat, at your bedside… You definitely won’t reach your hydration goals if the water is not easily accessible.
  1. Spice up your food. Those who add spicy seasonings, like crushed red pepper flakes, tend to reach for their water more often.
  1. Buy a nice water bottle, something that is fun to drink out of. This is not something you HAVE to do but I have heard it helps J

I’d love to hear even more tips from those of you who rock at meeting your hydration goals each day. It is an ongoing battle for me but I am definitely doing better and better and feeling the health benefits. As always, thanks for ready friends and enjoy the rest of your week. ~Mindy

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