PiYo Program – Honest Review

Hey friends! I am really looking forward to starting a new online accountability group in June and it is a program I haven’t done for a long time. Introducing, PiYo! My body (and mind!) has been craving this type of workout and I decided to try again today. There have been a lot of questions coming my way about this program and I get it; it’s an investment of both time and money and you want to make sure it’s a good fit for you. As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I will only promote programs and prodyogaucts that I believe in and will field any questions you have. Here is my honest review:

This is a low impact workout. I have done the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer & Chisel, and 22 Minute Hard Corps over the last year and all three program have involved jumping, lunging, and squatting with weights. Though these programs have given wonderful results, it feels great to take a break from the higher impact workout to only use my bodyweight during PiYo. This program works well for anyone, no matter his or her shape, size, or fitness level.

There is a nice variety between workouts.   PiYo workouts range in duration of time, 20 – 45 minutes, and each have a different focus such as upper body, lower body, buns, or all over body workouts. I love that I can do one workout alone, two in a row, or even complete one of these workouts after going for a run. I tend to bore easily and need to switch up my workouts and the PiYo program does an excellent job with this. I also like that I can do one late at night if necessary and it doesn’t necessarily amp me up right before bed.

These workouts not only feel good but also offer amazing results. Yes, it is a combination of Yoga and Pilates but you will be constantly moving (they call this fluid motion) and burning fat as you lengthen and tone your muscles. The faster tempo makes me feel like I am doing cardio but I can feel my core working as I am gaining strength and flexibility. I definitely feel great after these workouts. My heart rate is up and I am sweaty but I can also still function without lying on the floor exhausted.

PiYo is great for my mental health. I absolutely love the movements that stretch me out and somehow it makes me feel more focused and centered afterwards. I can definitely tell that I am more relaxed and ready to tackle to the day after completing one of these workouts in the morning. The music is soft and relaxing too, which helps.

Not a huge weight loss program. If you want to burn a ton of calories and change your body entirely, this may not be the program for you. Of course, eating clean will help you lose weight with any workout program you choose, but this program alone isn’t intense enough to drop you a few clothing sizes. It does however get your heart rate up and will make you sweat as you work on toning and lengthening your muscles. As a cardio junkie, I love to go for a run and then come home and do my PiYo workout!

As you can see, I have many positive things to say about this program. I get excited anytime I hear about someone trying it out because it feels good, it’s effective, and it works for mostly anyone. I am so excited to pair this program with a healthy eating plan and some specific attention towards self-care. Please consider joining my Stress Free Summer June PiYo group and I will coach you alongside an amazing group of busy women who want to slow down and re-focus on their health goals. If you are interested, contact me here via the contact form, email me at mindycourt@gmail.com or head on over to my business site to order your PiYo Challenge Pack (PiYo dvd’s plus a 30 day supply of my FAVORITE protein shake, Shakeology!).  You can also choose to order the program to do on your own but working with a group is way more fun!






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