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Hello!  I am Mindy, a fit mom of two beautiful children and a teacher turned stay at home mom.  My handsome hubby works very hard, and I am so lucky to be able to stay home with our youngest.  2015 was my first year home, and it was, interesting, to say the least.  Sure, I absolutely loved the extra cuddle time in the morning and the bike rides to the library, but somewhere between the endless rounds of pretend restaurant and watching the trucks drive by, I felt like something was missing.  I absolutely loved my job as an elementary teacher because I was always helping someone and motivating others to do their best. Plus, I was surrounded by amazing women who also loved children and valued education. I started to miss being a teacher and both my physical and mental health were feeling the effects of stress and needing more in my life.

After being at home for a few months, I realized that I needed to find my balance and that would include taking care of my own family but also helping others. I wanted to be able to reach out to my circle of family and friends, but also our church, and community.  I started searching mom blogs, thinking maybe if I start writing about my life as a stay at home mom, I will network with other moms, see how they find balance in their lives, and somehow this will feel normal again.  I quickly found a blog written by a super fit mom of two who talked about being home for her children but also working from home and loving her job.  After inquiring for more information, I realized that Jessica was a heath and fitness coach.  Not only was she a personal trainer but also coached a group of like-minded women who also wanted to help as many others as they could to reach their health and wellness goals.  She basically did all of this from the comfort of her home through social media.  She told me she was a Beachbody coach and that really sparked my interest.  I just happened to love the Beachbody fitness programs and my hubby and I had been doing them for years.  We had spent countless early morning hours sweating out to both the p90X and Insanity program in our basement and have kept up with many of the newer Beachbody workouts. My personal and professional goals happened to align with the goals of her team. That is when I quickly decided to join them.

I now have been a proud member of Team Fit Dynasty for almost 2 years, and I love promoting the balance of both physical and mental health. It’s definitely less about Beachbody (though we do use and love their resources) and more about using my experience and talent to help individuals who need a change and are looking for that motivation to kick-start their fitness and nutrition journey.  There is nothing better than sharing someone’s joy when they finish a group feeling lighter, leaner, and more energetic. The fact that I personally can help them find the motivation and confidence to continue a healthy lifestyle makes this the best job.  Oh, another perk is that I get to earn money doing this job.  It’s a natural fit for me and doesn’t feel like work so those paychecks are always a nice bonus.

As you can see, I have now found my balance. I get to be home caring for my children, which is my number one priority. I also get to connect with other people through health and fitness.  I’d love to help you with your health journey too.  Fill out the contact form below so we can start chatting about your needs.




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