8 Daily Habits of Successful People


Daily HabitsYou don’t create your future; you create your daily habits and they create your future. Okay, I absolutely love this quote. It is something I have been working on for the last year and I have definitely seen my life change and the vision of how these habits will continue to make a positive impact on my future. Everyone will create different habits for themselves but the key is to practice these habits daily. Make them a part of your daily routine and schedule them in your planner or on the calendar if you have to. I treat some of my habits as valuable as a medical appointment, which I wouldn’t miss. Here are eight habits of successful people that make the most of their daily routines.

  1. They read books.
  2. They wake up earlier.
  3. They drink hot water with lemons every morning.
  4. They DO sweat the small stuff.
  5. They seek advice, and often.
  6. They make their bed.
  7. They take their health very seriously.
  8. They set aside personal time.

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Do any of these habits sound familiar to you? Maybe they are already implemented into your daily routine or maybe you keep hearing about them and would like to make them habitual. For me personally, five of these habits are on my daily to do list. I am happier and healthier right now than I ever have been before. It would be easy to start making my bed every day, to read actual paper books instead of scrolling through everything online, and to drink hot water with lemon. I am willing to try these new things if I know that these small changes may make a huge difference in my personal life, career, and general happiness. What will you change today?

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